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Transportation and Youth Protection

Transportation to and from RYLA is provided by the sponsoring club.  Students are not allowed to drive themselves.

Rotary clubs will need to complete a transportation form indicating who will be transporting the students to and from RYLA.  Any adult transporting a student will need to be approved by the club's designated Youth Protection Officer.  

All drivers must complete a background check regardless of whether they have completed this as part of a different organization.  As part of Rotary's youth protection program, RYLA will ensure that:

  • All youth in Rotary programs are protected from abuse and harrassment

  • All Rotarians working with youth are properly screened and certified

  • All Rotarians working with youth are oriented with youth protection policies/procedures

  • All Rotarians working with youth have an understanding of abuse and harrassment and are familiar with reporting procedures

Adults needing a background check should complete the Youth Protection form located here and send to Mark Feynk.

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