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What are the Costs for RYLA?

Student RYLA Application - $350

Youth Exchange Application - $225

Please visit the RYLA Costs page

District Clubs pay all associated costs

What is the plan for inclement weather?

The health and safety of our children ranks as the highest priority for Rotary and the RYLA committee.  The committee will monitor all weather conditions and be in contact with the event location.  If the committee feels that weather may impede driving and possibly create unfavorable driving conditions that put our children and Rotarians at risk, a decision will be made to either change or cancel the event.  If unexpected weather hinders the event while in process, students will be expected to stay at the event location until safe and approved transportation can be arranged.  Event updates will be sent to the student email as well as the RYLA sponsoring contact.

Can I get a refund?

After Oct. 31, 2024 refunds will not be provided.  If you would like to substitute an approved student for someone who is not able to go, that is acceptable.

Can students transport themselves?

No, students must have an approved adult transport them to and from RYLA

Can students leave early?

No. If the student is not able to participate in all activities, they should not sign up.  Part of the RYLA experience includes team building; students will be placed in groups and will collaborate throughout the weekend in those groups.

Are students allowed to select a roommate?

No, part of the goal of RYLA is to immerse students in the overall experience of team building, collaboration, leadership skills, and personal growth.  Roommates are chosen from other areas within the region to build diversity, encourage personal growth, and to build social skills.

Are students automatically approved?

There is an expectation that clubs work together with schools on selecting individuals who will benefit from the RYLA experience and who will add value to the group.  Schools must approve all students who apply.  Once a student submits their application, clubs provide the final acceptance.

What is the appropriate dress for students?

Students must wear school approved dress.  This includes no graphic tees, sweatpants, gym shorts, ripped clothing, or crop tops.  Saturday night is formal, students are encouraged to wear dresses, button up shirts, suits or ties.  


Students will be required to practice all current COVID-19 procedures which may include COVID testing prior to the event.  Refunds will not be provided after October 31, 2024

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