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Code of Conduct

RYLA participants agree to abide by the following rules of conduct:

  • I agree not to consume alcholic beverages

  • I agree not to use abusive conduct or language

  • I agree not to engage in inappropriate behavior

  • I agree to abide by all curfew rules

  • I agree to attend all seminar sessions and events

  • I agree not to use any tobacco products

  • I agree not to use any drugs which have not been specifically prescribed for me

  • I agree to follow instructions and requirements of the chaperones

  • I agree not to use my cell phone during the seminar presentations or group sessions

  • While attending RYLA, I agree not to meet with any outside visitors unless special arrangements have been approved in advance with RYLA officials


RYLA participants are required to stay at the hotel with the group at all times.  During free time, students can gather in lounge areas throughout the hotel.  An 11:00PM curfew is strickly enforced.  Students must be in their assigned room at 11:00PM and must remain in their room until 6:00AM the next morning unless other arrangements have been made.

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